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Posted in Uncategorized by lichenfrittata on July 28, 2009
Just a bunch of dudes in a room!

Just a bunch of dudes in a room!

I expected this to be a useless fluff piece of the sort the Times puts out when it’s written so much about a given topic that something is needed to lighten the tone. And it is fluff, but strangely–perhaps only because I’ve consumed a critical mass of healthcare coverage and this piece came at the breaking point–it helped me grab on to the whole discussion in a more concrete way. I think it’s because I think in personalities, rather than numbers and policies. Realizing that these are eight people together in a room hammering out this legislation bit by bit makes it into something that I could understand as well, because I do not think of senators as super-wonks who operate on a level way above my head. I think of them as people who are constantly running for office and angling for partisan advantage, which is something I understand much better.

Although I think they missed one key detail: According to my friend interning in Baucus’ office, the preferred native snack is fried cow testicles, which puts North Dakota’s chocolate-covered potato chips to shame.


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