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Got to love Silvio Berlusconi

Posted in Uncategorized by lichenfrittata on July 8, 2009
Telling it like it is.

Telling it like it is.

From today’s NYT:

“Europe wants avant-garde legislation but China is putting up resistance, which I sampled yesterday during my one-on-one with the Chinese president,” Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, the host of the summit meeting, said Tuesday evening.

Can we find the word that would have the same positive association for climate legislation in American as “avant-garde” does in Italy? Then we’d have a strong bill in the Senate in no time.

Seriously though, it’s somewhat ironic that the G8 couldn’t make it to 80% reductions by 2050, considering that’s the benchmark that passed the House at the end of June–the American House, seemingly one of the least progressive domestic bodies on this issue in the world. If China’s really the sticking point, then they’re doing quite a bit of damage; worries over China’s unwillingness to meet the U.S. halfway on carbon reductions factored prominently into Republican complaints during the joining of battle yesterday in EPW. Green is great–only as far as it expands your manufacturing base.

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