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A few words on Palin before (hopefully) the whole thing stops.

Posted in Uncategorized by lichenfrittata on July 1, 2009
Can't we just sit back and laugh?

Can't we just sit back and laugh?

So, I started reading Todd Purdum’s blundgeoning of Sarah Palin in this month’s Vanity Fair, quickly got bored, and then just got frustrated. Not by her psychotic lies, which struck Andrew Sullivan and DoubleX. Not even by Purdum’s absurd prose, which at least adds comic relief.  Rather, simply the fact that this woman is still the subject of 10,000-word profiles—even in VF, whose trademark blend of sex and politics clings to her like a shroud—months after she ceased to have any real relevance to national politics.

Sure, there are the polls indicating that she has more 2012 support among Republicans than any of the other paltry offerings.  Still, I remain convinced that a good chunk of this can be attributed to a) continual headlines generated by the media’s fascination with her every move (down to her toenails!), and b) sympathy generated by liberal cackling, which she deftly turns to her advantage (see Palin v. Letterman).  The last time I felt this way was early in the Republican primaries, when Rudy Giuliani was the subject of lengthy, fretting stories in fancy magazines—not because he was a serious threat, but just because he was so darn wacky.  I see the potential benefit in chaining Palin to the GOP and sending it down to the bottom of the ocean with her.  In the mean time, though, the liberal derision is starting to seem misdirected, ugly, and yes, sexist—hey Andrew, what purpose did that unattractive picture of pregnant Palin in your post serve, anyway?

So progressives, lay off the governor.  Not because she isn’t a whack job.  Just because she’s not worth the effort.

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