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Signs of the Times

Posted in Uncategorized by lichenfrittata on January 22, 2009

picture-12Reading the print edition of today’s Times, I observed a couple things that had nothing to do with the actual articles. OK, something to do with them. Firstly, the A section was twice as thick as usual, mostly huge ads. This is likely not explained by advertisers regaining confidence in the Old Grey Lady because an Old Grey Man is bailing her out. Rather, having learned from the last time it printed a lot of Obama-related news, the Times knew it had a platinum sales pitch. They may still have run out of copies, but for my money I’d say they printed a few more than usual too (this time I actually managed to get one).

The other thought is the content of the ads themselves, especially in the special inauguration section. Many had some kind of hopeful, booster-ish message–really, who would press ahead with crass consumerism at such a moment? Starbucks actually ran an full-pager with stylized fists raised in the air, promising a free tall coffee to anyone who would come in and pledge five volunteer hours. Sweet. It’s been noted before that Obama may be the first president whom celebrities want to be around, rather than vice versa. Well, the same goes for corporations. Yes-We-Can cool is the zeitgeist. Coolhunt that.

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  1. mp said, on January 28, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    write more.

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