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Now back in the Big Apple: Sanity and Justice?

Posted in Uncategorized by lichenfrittata on January 22, 2009
courtesy of New York Times.

courtesy of New York Times.

Whoa, whoa, hold the PHONE. Nick Confessore is reporting that Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from contention for the Senate seat Gov. Paterson was planning to hand out before Saturday. It’s still a mystery whether or not he was planning to hand it to her–logic would suggest that she got wind he wasn’t, and wanted to get out on her own terms. But the article says the news “appeared to throw the Paterson administration into confusion”; had Paterson settled on someone else, they would have reacted with more equanimity.

If he had chosen her, we’re probably looking at two possible motivations behind Kennedy’s given rationale that she withdrew out of concern for the health of her uncle Ted. It could actually be true–but considering he’s the reason she’s there in the first place, and that in the event of his retirement would become even more the heir apparent to the Kennedy flame, irrational in the extreme. Or it could be false, in which case she got cold feet for some other reason–but what? Could the whole charade possibly just have been a hastily-conceived and ultimately hopeless ego trip?

I mean, my answer to that question is yes. Along with countless other folks around the internet, her sense of entitlement and utter inexpertise has driven me up the wall. This last play, of quitting the campaign because of a male relative, plays right into the poor-excuse-for-a-female-candidate impression I’ve had all along.

Maybe we’ll get someone who actually deserves the seat.

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